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There are beautiful corners in every part of our planet, filled with surprises and mind-blowing flavors. Food is one of the best indulgences in life, a discovery, a delight to the palate, and a learning experience.

Every country has wonderful foodstuff, which is unique, either because of the way it is made or because of where it grows. We choose some of these for you to taste, favorites from around the globe.

Our food at A little Taste of Home is comforting, modest and honest. It is also memorable because we constantly try to be innovative and produce enchanting foodstuff that is made especially for each one of our customers.


Our food is:

• Nutritious, healthy & wholesome –  home food made with care

• Made with fresh & flavorful ingredients – we prepare daily

• With the least possible intrusion in the ingredients, for pure taste

I am in love with cities I’ve never been to,

people I’ve never met and

food I have never tasted, yet